Lowest Price FFXIV Gil | Detrimental Effects on The Servers

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has had it’s first major patch to address FFXIV Gil eu various concerns among the community. Chief among these was the high price associated with repairing your gear. Towards the end-game, repair costs were leaving players financially crippled. This led to players “speed running” various dungeons and avoiding everything but the bosses to FFXIV Gil for cheap keep repairs to a minimum. Because players were completing these dungeons at such a rapid pace, this also had some detrimental effects on the servers.

A census was recently posted on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s Lodestone cheapest FFXIV Gil site detailing a wide range of interesting and occasionally humorous statistics gathered from the game. The census was originally shown during the 14-hour stream event to celebrate the game’s 2-year anniversary. Below are a few of the graphs created from the census.The first graph shows the distribution of gender between created characters. Amazingly, Japan is split down the center with an equal share of male to female. North America boasts fast FFXIV Gil delivery a larger distribution of male characters to female, while Europe is nearly the exact opposite, showing a greater population of female characters.

The second graph shows the distribution of race, with Hyur being the FFXIV Gil cheap fast delivery most prevalent in Japan and North America, while Europe’s most popular race is the Miqo’te. In all three regions, the newest race, the Au Ra, was the least prevalent.The patch hit yesterday following a routine maintenance. Not only did the developers reduce repair costs by up to half, but they also added in specific mechanics to counteract the behaviour of these “speed runs”. As a further incentive, chests in both the end-game dungeons now drop more Allagan Coins to help fund your adventures.


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