Lowest Price FFXIV Gil | Participate in The Test Roll

Players can apply for the first qualification through the official website, the first test recruitment from June 3rd to May 17th deadline. Get the first qualifying players list will be released in June 8th. In addition, in 2014 in Busan, South Korea held in the G-star to participate in the test roll can also participate in this first test.Final fantasy series has for years been loved by secondary yuan lovers, has always been final fantasy xiv gil a fan of painting subjects the evergreen tree.

Final fantasy 14 in ai the jersey and the world, and with the blood of final fantasy 14 gil adventure, compact plot, vivid characters, personality rich professional race, fetter extraordinary partners, provides a great painting masters play space., final fantasy crystal tour of Shanghai in central jyb 4 k studios, final fantasy 14 producer naoki yoshida, and shanda games CEO Mr Xiang-dong zhang jointly announced the final fantasy 14 will open on April first, and start the tour, conference, interpretation of Cheap FF14 Gil the initial and final fantasy this brand ffxiv gil buy essence.

Now let us through a set of high-definition pictures to review under the Shanghai activity.The final fantasy XIV hanbok through the South Korea game management committee approval, was designated as the 18 ban (teenagers do not use), rating reasons for ffxiv buy gil excessive violence, CG has severed the bloody performance, often excessive stimulation of language and language, the performance of Cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil direct drug and direct NPC drinking performance. Final fantasy 14 national service by the grand agent, the national service has been opened in April 23, 2014 first test, open test in August 25th. Hanbok open test night for more than a year than china.


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