Final Fantasy 14 Gil | DPS And Soldiers Stood Together

To a cage 3 white magic brush first blood difficulties, unless easily brush and death accident to Cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil pilot a sudden death. In fact as long as fast playing no surprise. Warrior group of strange to a small house beside the path, dragon don’t pay attention to the road, to the overpressure flash hatred pulls, direct seal, god save treatment regeneration, brush with the DPS and soldiers stood final fantasy xiv gil together, white magic standing position is farther (but holy range can be covered). Brush immediately after the expiration of the holy, holy until blood silk to blame.

The entire basic don’t add blood to soldiers, die soldiers open deathmatch. Magic, black 2 nuclear final fantasy 14 gil explosion, fire and HOLY stun, basic warrior will not encounter a deathmatch. Have unexpected circumstances, of the DPS to brush healing to cut back, this is why the DPS station near point. Silk blood began to the stoneskin was to blame. (heart) form a good habit.The second it is important to note that when the BOSS read article need to hide in the ground on the edge of the shield, otherwise will be petrochemical. Shield in the upper left and top right of the field, ffxiv gil buy the skills of reading time is very long, players only need to pay attention to run behind teammate. No difficulty about the other.

BOSS will put white magic sacred full-screen attack, blood treatment should pay attention to team. The second BOSS: this new BOSS is arguably the most easy to Cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil wipe the BOSS, but he is only a vanishing point. Is when the ffxiv gil  calls like clockwork soldiers MOBS, each team must pull their small blame to the edge, with small strange body truncation of attachment, only in this way can the small monster to kill. Edge of the field will open bungee, players suspended platform can bungee jump away from BOSS full-screen big moves.


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