Lowest Price FFXIV Gil | Safe Output Environment

Summon need to pay attention to the baby’s position and control the output of skill, but very safe output environment, and has the skills of a coherent and strong, not easily broken, adaptability is also very strong, unless you need a very explosive final fantasy xiv gil situation much, otherwise the call will be a very good choice. Dark almost all output skills are required to read the article, in a very Titan such circumstances, the output is not easy to grasp the good order of the reading of the time and skills in order to better output, AOE ability is very strong, it needs to be familiar with BOSS skills.Poet interrupt skills, the output is not high, usually as a result of this skill a lot of little poets will put it as ordinary skill, but because of the problem of habit, but when you need to interrupt control his hand, put the skills to put,

Arrow rheumatism single output poet highest skills, but also need the audience to keep the DOT. Arrow poison bite after the power rheumatism, and these two skills are good friends, it does not matter but has put the first one to put the second final fantasy 14 gil one is inevitable. Decentralization of opportunity here that, in the case of ordinary levels of poets may choose at any time within four seconds or 5 seconds.Dragon Knight articles: Dragon Knight is to deal with the North and the birth of the Dragon, so they are a group of dragon slayer, in order to deal with the Dragon Knight has a strong power, superb defense, handsome armor.

The dragon is flying in the sky creatures, so you have to have a dragon knight in the air ffxiv gil buy combat skills, but the sky is the home of the dragon, and the dragon knight flying in the air can not make dodge. Poet articles: traveled throughout the continent, with songs and quill record this continent has no story, elegant playing the song after touching songs, singing this beautiful continent, but they are still ffxiv buy gil accurate marksman beautiful strings also will shoot a deadly poisoned arrow.


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