Super Cheap FFXIV Gil | Department of Professional Practice

Final Fantasy XIV Taunt monsters in also to quantitative numerical calculation, the player every skills, according to a certain ratio to Taunt monsters. Many MMORPG has a built-in or Taunt statistics provide through plug-ins, Final Fantasy XIV in-game did not final fantasy xiv gil directly show players to Taunt, but players can grasp the team through a set of system to Taunt, explain for everybody below.

After a little have some FFXIV Gil, can choose a few production or acquisition of the department of professional practice, but also need not too much practice, and then you can go to camp every day camp that task over things, turned things if it is a high final fantasy 14 gil product quality, can get double the ticket and experience, if all goes well, when you have the first main job level, professional production is similar to practice the level 30 or so, the key is that this almost do not spend what kung fu, also just 5 minutes a day. Card task to production, and ffxi gil which task is populated places like snow mountain, also can combat career do task well, and then cut it into production directly to go hand in the task, a crash.

Game of the communist party there are three ways to observe the change of the Taunt: besides your units (including player and NPCS) switch target, the head will appear curved arrows point to the new selected target, so you can by observing the ffxiv buy gil arrow head pointing in the direction of the monster who to determine the Taunt monsters current target. Squad list, professional icon at the bottom of the figures and tank display is the current you selected enemy target members of the squad for you Taunt the sequence. Monster in the list, the monster name on the left side of the color icon is shown in the monster on the degree of Taunt you at present.


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